Enterprise Grade Mailing System

All In One Software
For Email Marketing Campaign

You can manage all of your Business Email Campaigns from one place. You can Insert as much SMTP's You want and send as many mails you need. With much more integrated features.

ABOUT OUR Software

The Software is built to send bulk mails using multiple SMTP's. So that if any of the SMTP is dead it will not affect the mail sending procedure.

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Mistaken idea of complexity of email marketing will be not here anymore. With AtelMailer you can do all the works that you need to make an email campaign successful.

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Here is the working procedure of the bulk mailer. We support many useful features beside sending mails.

SMTP Configuration

You can Configure as many SMTPs as you want. You can also check the health of those SMTPs. You can update those and make those active or deactivate

Start Campaign

After all the process finished. You are ready to make your Campaign. We support several campaign mode.

Set Message

To set the campaign message you can select any of our pre-made templates and edit those using your information or you can make new template using our built in template editor

Manage Contact List

Using our software you can save many contact lists whuich will contain many eclient emails. You can Edit , delete the contact lists anytime.


APP Screenshots