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Free email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, AOL, and others can be used to send free emails. These are some of the most popular free email services. The ATELMailer tool allows our clients to make use of these free tools and send thousands of emails in bulk to your mailbox. Multiple email servers, both free and premium, can be added to the software, each with its own set of features.

ATELMailer is a mailing software that has sms marketing, email checker, email extractor, email verifier, social media marketing

ATELMailer software is the delight of every organization that wants to grow within a short while. It allows you to promote your business all over the world for free. Using this software, you may search for your clients on the internet and build a solid base of potential customers for your business.

Go to our purchase link and buy the software. It is a one-off use for life license for one computer only. Additional computers you need to place order for multiple licenses.

It is a multi-mailing system meant for small to large organizations. Other software do not have capacity for enterprise multi list management.

To download ATELMailer, please click this link Pricing AtelMailer Desktop

Yes, there will be 24/7 round the clock technical support from the company. Contact [email protected]

Please use our help section on our website.

Yes, you can try it before its purchase. Check our site to download the free version.

The senders, such as the email addresses you provide in the software to send emails, are referred to as SMTP servers. You can add senders from Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and other services, as well as your own dedicated SMTP server and website emails.

Most SMTP servers support port 587, but if you have any issues, you can try other ports such 25,22,80,25, or 465.

There is no limit, it depends on your server capacity.

Inbox delivery is assured. The customer's inbox will get all of your emails. Please check our Help section to see how mails are sent and various parameters.

Yes, you may include a "unsubscribe link" in the message body or subject to allow recipients to opt out of receiving future communications.

You may post on Facebook and Twitter for free using ATELMailer.

Bounce checker can assist you in identifying and tracking bounced emails.

With ATELMailer Email Verification system, you can double-check emails in your contact list. To get a pure list of email contacts, eliminate the non-existent emails from your list.

Yes, you may use the software to add your own dedicated SMTP server and website email as senders.